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Insulated Steel Pipe

Our insulated steel pipe can be divided into two modes and they are respectively composite insulated steel pipe and polyurethane insulation steel pipe. It is mainly composed of four parts and they are working pipe, insulation layer, protective coating, and leakage alarm. The first steel pipe is a pre-insulated piping and its anticorrosive coating can protect external pipe to prolong pipe's service life. And the second is polyurethane insulation steel pipe. Its Polyurethane foam layer can guarantee the temperature of medium, while external protective pipe is still at normal temperature. Due to the insulated steel pipe, medium can be transported easily. Our polyurethane insulation pipe can isolate air and water and has the function of anticorrosion. As an ideal insulated steel tubing, our company will provide a reliable quality, reasonable price and complete after-sale service. In addition, we will offer packaging design services to cater different customers' demands.

Insulated Steel Pipe Insulated Steel Pipe Insulated Steel Pipe Insulated Steel Pipe Insulated Steel Pipe

Insulated steel pipe is widely applicable to pipe network of conveying liquid and gas, Centralized heat supply network, thermal insulation engineering, ventilation shaft of central air-conditioner, municipal engineering, etc.

As a China-based insulated steel pipe manufacturer and supplier, Baocheng offers a broad range of products, including steel pipe elbow, Steel Flange, steel pipe bend, seamless steel pipe and more.

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