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Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

Material: Q235BQ345B10# Steel, 20#Steel, X42-X80 Grade, etc.
Application: oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, heat supply pipelines, water supply pipelines.
Administer Standard: German DIN30678 Technical standards about polypropylene coating of steel pipes and fittings

Our 2PP coating no corrosion steel pipe (φ30mm-φ1020mm) or 3PP coating no corrosion steel pipe (∮89mm-∮1820mm) adopts advanced anti-corrosion materials like 2PP material or 3PP material. And 3PP anti-corrosion material is a brand-new material and its anti-corrosion structure consists of three parts: Fusion bonded epoxy powder (FBE>100um), adhesives (170~250um) and polyethylene (1.8~3.7mm). The three materials will blend well together and are used to coat interior and exterior of pipes. At that time, excellent anti-corrosion layer comes into being. However, the 2PP anti-corrosion structure has two parts and they are adhesives and polyethylene. As 3PP anti-corrosion material, the two parts blend well together to form a good anti-corrosion layer. The thickness of every part is the same with 3PP materials and the thickness of 2PP coating no corrosion steel pipe ranges from 6mm to 20mm.

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Main Products Standards
High Density Polyethylene Polyurethane Foam Insulation Steel Pipe SY/T114-2000, SY/T115-2001
3PP Coating Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe for Petroleum and Natural Gas SY/T0413-2002
2PP Coating Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe for Petroleum and Natural Gas DIN30670
FBE Steel Pipe for Petroleum and Natural Gas SY/T0315-97
2 FBE Steel Pipe for Petroleum and Natural Gas SY/T0315-2005
Water Supply Pipe with the Lining of Cement and Mortar CECS10: 89
Water Supply Pipe Covered with IPN 8710 Macromolecular Non-toxic Coating SY/T0457-2000

Our company offers a large number of steel pipes such as Steel Flange, seamless steel pipe, insulated steel pipe and no corrosion steel pipe, etc. With excellent production equipment, we are able to accomplish independently anti-corrosion insulation projects. Warmly welcome to inquire and visit our company.

Features of Polyethylene Pipes
1. We are offering our clients an excellent quality range of Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes. With good stability and ageing resistance, polyethylene pipe has more than 50 years service life under normal operating temperature and pressure.
2. Structure of polyethylene molecule, with high stability, is hard to be corroded by natural gas, liquefied gas, manufactured gas and the like. There is no need for secondary corrosion resistance equipment. Therefore, chemicals in the soil will make no difference to this pipe.
3. As a kind of high tenacity pipe, Polyethylene pipe has more than 500% breaking elongation. Also, it is easy to be bent due to its flexibility. Thus, we can change the trend of pipes to avoid crushing into a barrier. On many occasions, pipes' flexibility can reduce the number of pipelines and lessen installation costs.
4. Polyethylene can be used safely during the temperature period range from -60℃ to 60℃. Also it has quite strong adaptability. When constructing in winter, crack pipe can't happen due to its shock resistance.
5. Its abrasive resistance is four times of steel pipes and especially in mud transportation field, polyethylene pipe has an excellent abrasive resistance, compared with steel pipe.
6. There is a smooth surface on the pipe and its smooth interior surface enables pipes to transport at a high speed and lessen pressure loss.
7. In the process of manufacturing pipes, no harmful substances will be added into it. Our polyethylene material is a green product and it will be recycled to use without pollution to environment.
8. We have explored the polyethylene pipes for inflaming retarding and anti-static electricity. It is suitable for some flammable and explosive places.
9. Polyethylene pipes are linked with flash melting and electric melting, which makes the integration of joints and pipes come true. Therefore, there is no need to worry about water and gas leakage.
10. It is light to carry and simple to use. Polyethylene pipe weights just 1/8 of steel pipe. Also it is simple and quick to weld. All in all, polyethylene pipe has many remarkable economic benefits.

Up to now, we haven't work out the standards about 3PP coating and our 3PP no corrosion pipelines adopt the German DIN 30678 Technical standards about polypropylene coating of steel pipes and fittings. 3PP coating generally is used in pipelines of those places with high surface temperature and long time sunshine.

Baocheng is a professional 2PP/3PP coating no corrosion steel pipe manufacturer based in China. We provide a vast array of products, including insulated steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe, and steel pipe tee ,etc.

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